Hybrid 240lt Eco Shopping Trolley from Mann Engineering
Eco Trolley Hybrid 240 Shopping TrolleyEco Trolley Hybrid 240Hybrid-Trolleys

240L IPER Hybrid Shopping Trolley




  • Width: 600 mm
  • Height: 1.070 mm
  • Length: 1.240 mm
  • Nesting: 260 mm
  • Weight: 22 kg




Product Description

240L IPER Hybrid Shopping Trolley

  • Structure oval metal – with quality electrolytic galvanizing.
  • Wheels ø 125 with tread in non-marking thermoplastic rubber – housing in high resistance pressed steel – precision ball bearing hub – thread-guard in polyamide.
  • Basket LT 240 Polypropylene with additive very resistant to the heavy load and shocks – handles to drive the trolley in all directions – anti dirt basket’s net – compartment for fragile and delicate objects.
  • Handle ergonomic with logo – inserted coin lock ‘Euro’ – possibility to customize the handle with various supports for scanner and tablet.
  • Compartment for fragile and delicate objects.
  • Baby-seat anatomical and ultra-comfortable.
  • Customization on the side of the basket.
  • Crate-holder retractable on the back.


  • Non-toxic plastics and UV-stabilized (protection 7/8)
  • Structure in metal type E220 Standard EN 10305.3
  • anti-corrosion.


  • Customization of the handle
  • Incorporated coin-lock
  • Accessories scanner and tablet holder
  • Anti-theft structure
  • Retractable crate-holder
  • Travelator wheels Dia. 125mm
  • Fresh divider
  • New born seat
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