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At Mann Engineering we have many years experience in the design, manufacture and production of manual handling equipment.

You can rely on us to match your needs. If you don’t see what you need then please contact us. We welcome any challenge. Manufactured in Ireland.


At Mann Engineering we have over 20 years experience in the manufacture of manual handling solutions and providing expert advice. As well as standard manual handling equipment, our range of products can be specifically adapted to suit your requirements.

We manufacture a wide selection of products and specialise in producing customised equipment that is made to your specifications, suit your requirements and comply with the regulations. Our customers include supermarkets, shops, couriers, shop fitters, hospitals, warehousing companies, waste management companies, pharmaceutical companies etc.

We can offer you expert advice on what product will suit your requirements. The fact that we produce products that must comply with Health & Safety regulations means that we can give you advice on the best solution for your business.

Simply tell us what you need to move and from where and we will give you the solution.

Get your manual handling right or pay the price.

The simplest error in manual handling can cost your business. This cost is lost time, a possible fine, a large payout to the injured party not to mention the physical pain that can be experienced by your staff.

What is Manual Handling? – It is a physical activity where a person is required to transport or support a load. This includes carrying, moving, pulling, pushing, lifting or putting down a load.

Problems with manual handling arise when the employee is required to transport or support a heavy load which could cause a back injury. The key to preventing back injury is providing your employee’s with the correct equipment.

With Health & Safety regulations being so stringent and where in every workplace there is a need for manual handling at some time every company must be aware of these regulations and employers are obliged to take precautions to avoid or reduce the risk of injury.

(If you require more detailed information on manual handling requirements and guidelines go to

In 2009 the average awards value under employers liability was €31,970, here are a few examples of compensation levels on back injuries

• Up to €16,30 – Minor back whiplash injury (good recovery within 12 months)

• €11,700 to €19,600 – Moderate back injury (good recovery within 24 months)

• €18,300 to €69,700 – Significant ongoing condition

• €62,800 to €85,900 – Severe back injury (serious and permanent condition)

(If you require more information on the compensation level guidelines for work related injuries go to )

J Type 350 Hand Truck

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For more information about custom manufacturing your manual handling equipmentand our services please call us, send us an email or complete the form below and we will contact you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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