New Landmark in Dublin

There is a new landmark in Ballymount in Dublin that over the last year or so is getting as much attention as the Spire or the GPO, well might be a bit of an slight exaggeration but our 8′ Giant Handtruck outside Castormart on the Turnpike Road is definitely a head turner.

Castormart is one of two re-sellers Mann Engineering have in Dublin for our standard Manual Handling Products and Castormart which has been in business for over 35 years and supply castors, wheels and manual handling solutions to various industries in Dublin, has seen an upsurge in passing trade and also have doubled their sales in regards to our Heavy Duty Handtrucks.

Dave McDermott Proprietor of Castormart said “it has  been a great advertisement for us, it catches peoples eye as they pass on their way from Ballymount to the M7 and onto the M50. Over the years we always sold a lot of Handtrucks which have always been supplied to us by Mann Engineering, but over the last year or so we have doubled the amount of handtrucks we normally sell and we can definitely attribute that to the 8′ Giant Handtruck we have sitting outside our door. The knock on effect is also that more people visit the shop and sales are up on our core products such as wheels and castors as well”

Castormart have also started selling our standard Cash & Carry trolley which also has been a success for Dave as there are a large amount of Cash & Carry and Storage Facility type companies in the Ballymount area.