Store Trucks – Stock Trolleys

For over 40 years the Retail division of Mann Engineering have been supplying specialist manual handling equipment to both supermarket and cash & carry outlets throughout the island of Ireland. These include our renowned Handtrucks, Cash & Carry Trolleys and Store Trucks. These items are manufactured in our Fabrication Department in Wexford, by our highly skilled workforce.

Mann Engineering make a diverse range of Store Trucks or what some people call Stock Trolleys. The ones pictured are the most popular type, which would be mainly used in Supermarkets and retail outlets for moving boxes etc. But we also manufacture Tilt Stock Trolleys which have six wheels, the two wheels in the centre are larger than the outside wheels and act as a pivot to be able to turn the trolley within a tight space, these are more widely used in Cash & Carry’s. There are also options in regards to shelving, with some requirements for Mesh Shelves or flat steel shelves as against box section shelves. Size also can be adjusted to suit a specific application, larger, smaller, wider, longer, higher, our flexibility allows us to manufacture bespoke models to suit our customers requirements

Below is a photo of a large consignment of our Standard Store Trucks being prepared for shipping to one our our major retail customers.